Shooting Star

by Trey Verret



Well I remember everthing. When it was just
me and you and you and me ,and all the other little things
that made us who we are.
It shaped our lovely scars.
And I remember every day like it was just
Me and you and you and me, the blisters of a memory.
Imperfect from the start, but you will always be my shooting star.
My shooting star!

When I see you falling across the sky,
I'm helpess, as your light invades my eyes.
I need you to pull me along on your cosmic ride.
Into the nights of our lives.
Into the night
Into the night.

Then, my pretentious patterning only lets
me see you and you see me together for eternity;
the embers in the fire,
àfraid of who we are.
Cus' the less you see the more you know.
At least that's know the story goes
with me and you, and you and me.
Forever you will be my shooting star.
My shooting star!


Let these people judge you only on appeal unto their minds.
Cus' you will always be the light among the lies.
It's a start, but I know that you are...
my shooting star!



released January 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Thru Years New Iberia, Louisiana


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