"Free​?​" (single)

by Trey Verret



Just decided to throw together a little something different.


Leave me running on ice as you steal the focus.
Frozen, my minds so blank all I do is stare.
Somebody turn up the flame and burn until we show:
Freedom is keeping up breathing when reaching for more air.

Just look around you. The poorest shed blood everyday.
Now the eyes of the world just start to judge us
findin' that we don't fold so easy. I'm grippin' the center, persistin',
followin' each firm step. I trust only what i need,
forget any perception as I feel the way.
All of the above i take to heart. We never lost our faith.
Ready from the start to let go the same damn thing
i should never have set free in the first place.


Free? If we're so free wont you tell me
why do we act like slaves?
This pretending's irrelevant...no choice but to break your hands
to make a single sound and ripple in.
Free? Are we so free? not exactly
the word that I would choose.
So I wont step on toes pushing a point anymore.
Listen if you chose. Understand if you can and move!



released November 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Thru Years New Iberia, Louisiana


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