Fail Safe (full band)

by Thru Years



To late to start another life you
remain a star that every night blooms
into a rose. Your supernova explodes
to expose you're colorful pedals,
hiding a vast expanse of light blue...
Two eyes at war with every rite to
some peace of mind, so easy to see outright.
But I say what I say to embrace all the space defined.

I know about your fail safe
that holds you in place
until the day you fall away
from the weight of these chains.
You will be held by grace
so don't be afraid.
I've seen you take it all the way...
You're fail safe.
You're fail safe.

In dreams are moments that reveal you,
cus your persona's not the real you.
Mistruths grab hold and won't intend to let go
of your throat. Your lies are embezzled.
At least you have your net to fall to.
Some peace, at least untill you crawl through
the empty space. The vacant walls of this place.
So I'll wait.
So I'll wait.


It's to late now to reclaim your place.
Before you falter give me a break.
Unhinged and open, now show your face
and mend it all until
your spindles fully out of twine,
unstitching at the seems.
But you always manage to survive
to die another day.



released December 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Thru Years New Iberia, Louisiana


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