Cold Blue Eyes (full band)

by Thru Years



-V I
I think you need some help inside your life tonight.
I think i'll need another whole for a piece of mind inside.

Till this fades away you will be wasting
our time as if we can't subside. The pictures face down.
You wanna know the truth?
The truth's not really that new.
Pay attention to me.

Caus it's who you are. Never changing
is the perfect name for your cold blue eyes
staring into nothing but hurt from your freezing lies.
The questions arise. I'm askin' myself why...
Why do i return?

Is it possible to mend and control myself? Just realize whats going on
so life can be so much more if you stop and decide
to hold on to whats real for as long as you can.



(When the world is an anchor shackled to your life
faith can be a hero...the same hero that brings back light. So,
don't ever say your not good enough.)
Don't ever say that your not good enough!
The rain's falling down blending with tears. Scar faced years
as if the waters cut deep. Oceans of fear. Your chest makes me breath
in all of the places and ways i have felt.
It just keeps building!



released November 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Thru Years New Iberia, Louisiana


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